What to Bring

Food & Beverages

Main Lodge Dining RoomYou will want to bring your own food and beverages, including drinking water. There is a kitchen with a stove, sink, pots and pans, dishes and utensils provided. If you will have food and beverages that need to be kept cold, bring an ice chest.


If you would like an indoor fire, a sauna or an outdoor fire during your stay, please bring firewood with you.

(By bringing your own firewood, you help us to keep our overnight rates low. Getting firewood delivered weekly would require us to raise our rates quite a bit, so we ask that you help everyone out by bringing in your own!)

Firewood is usually available at local shops including Safeway, 3 Bears, The Fish House, Essential One, Miller’s Landing, or around Seward where ever you see a Firewood sign.


If you would like additional lighting, bring either a battery, propane or kerosene lantern with you.


Bring warm, layered clothing with you. Long underwear, fleece, warm socks, rain gear, and rubber boots if you have them are all essential items.

Sleeping Bags

If you’re staying in the hostel, or in the private cabin lofts, you’ll need your own sleeping bags.


Well-behaved dogs are welcome at Kayakers Cove, but we ask you to follow a few basic rules:

  • If dogs are wet, muddy or shedding, please leave them outside.
  • At no time are dogs allowed on the furniture or beds.
  • Pick up after your pet.