Kayakers Cove offers private accommodation in separate cabins, or shared accommodation in the main lodge. Bookings for the entire property rental begin January 1 each year. Bookings for individual cabins, individual bunks and the full bunkhouse begin on February 1 each year.

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Private Accommodations

Private Cabin AccommodationPrivate Cabin AccommodationOur private cabins include double beds on the main floor, and two additional sleeping areas in the lofts. We provide bedding on the double bed, but in the loft you’ll need to use your own sleeping bag or rent bedding from us.

Cabin rental includes the use of the kitchen facilities, dishes and utensils, which are available in the main lodge. You provide your own food and beverages. Check out this page for a list of what else to bring.

$75.00 per day up to 3 people
$25.00 per day each additional person

Private Cabin Interior Private Cabin Interior

Shared Accommodation

Main Lodge KitchenWe also offer shared hostel-style accommodation in our main lodge, in the loft area. You’ll need to bring your own sleeping bag/bedding, or you can rent bedding from us. Dorm-style accommodation includes the use of the kitchen, dishes and utensils. You provide your own food and beverages.Sitting Room inside Main Lodge

$25.00 per day per person

Bring your own sleeping bag, otherwise bedding is available at the lodge for an additional fee of $5.00 per stay. Check out this page for a list of what else to bring.


Main Lodge Hostel Main Lodge Hostel

Exclusive Rentals

Kayaker’s Cove is available for your group exclusively! Rent the whole property–2 private cabins and the full bunkhouse (12 beds)–for $400 per night. Contact Us today.

You can also rent the full bunkhouse (12 beds) minus the cabins. This would house your group exclusively in the main lodge, and you’d share the common areas with the cabin renters. Available for $250 per night. Book now, or contact us today.


Dinner Table in the Main Lodge Sauna Outhouse